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Praise for Sawyer Dale

“The world the author has created for us – gloriously rich, vibrant and mysterious – the perfect setting for this action packed Sci-fi fantasy. If you’ve been searching for an edgy, provocative sci-fi series to completely submerse yourself in, I think you’ll enjoy this one.”

“Finding a book with well written and engrossing Sci-Fi is difficult enough, but having one with great action and sexy sleekness is for me a real treasure.  A great plot that unfolds at a manageable pace and larger than life characters make this a book you won’t just enjoy once, but will want to go and read again right after.”

“Oh my God I love this book. I love the feeling of discovering a new author whose writing you just connect with straight away. Rise Siren5 is a sexy sci-fi thriller but so much more besides. There is a real intelligence in the writing and enough thrills and intrigue that I was hooked from the first page to the last.”

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